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About the Artist

Influenced by her American and Pakistani roots, Award Winning Artist and Arabic Calligraphist, Mariam Rajput, has a passionate interest in the art of the Islamic World. Rajput's work is a culmination of abstract, modernistic painting techniques and the ancient arts of Islamic Illumination, arabesque patterns, calligraphy and sacred geometry.

Rajput is a Graduate of Stockton University with a degree in Psychology and a Masters in Applied Behavior Analysis with a Minor In Clinical Psychology. She is currently a Ph.D Candidate in Clinical Psychology within the U.S. Her perception of Art incorporates a dynamic message meant to span across diverse cultural backgrounds and levels of perceptive thought. In recognition of her positive influence on her community and philanthropic efforts, Rajput was recently awarded the Women's Empowerment Award from WomanUP! in Philadelphia in 2018. 


Rajput's work has been commissioned by private organizations and auctioned for thousands of dollars in support of causes supporting womens rights, education, and free legal services for victims of violence, hate crimes and islamophobia. Rajput's work has been acquired by corporate and private collections, including for members of the Jordanian and UAE Royal Families, the British Private Collective and numerous private collections in the United States, Canada, and Internationally.


Mariam Raj Award Winning Artist creates original islamic artwork for sale within the United States. Buy Islamic Canvas Paintings on Etsy and Original Islamic Home Decorations

CAIR NY Gala - Mariam Rajput NJ

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"I believe Art speaks through us. My work is incomplete until you find yourself within it. Each brush stroke and layer of Gold leaf reaches beyond it's composition and into something profound when the message you find makes a place within your heart."