"A Tale of Two Sisters"

"A Tale of Two Sisters"

Original Islamic Artwork by Award Winning Artist Mariam Rajput

This painting was inspired by the delicate relationship between sisters and the beauty of that relationship regardless of kinship in Islam. Growing up with two sisters myself, I've always found our relationships to be rocky, chaotic but always a homecoming nomatter where our lives lead. Similar to the way the tones of deep purple and pink blend together with the lustre of the gold leaf, our sisters bring out the beauty in us through each phase of our lives.

Written in 24k burnished gold ink is

"Maa Shaaa Allaahu Laa Quwwata illah billah"

"That which Allah wills! There is no power but with Allah!" 

Acrylic and gel mediums on 16x20 inch unstretched canvas with genuine 22k rose gold leaf sourced from Kashmir Pakistan. 

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