"As We Were" (2021)

"As We Were" (2021)

Original Abstract Painting by Award Winning Artist Mariam Rajput

"As We Were" was a piece that has been almost 6 months in the making. This painting was meticulously composed to render impressionistic techniques and true light in its subtley. At first glance the landscape is a simple, hazy green with cool notes of blue and purple; reminiscent of a memory or place  alive with emotion and forgotten promises. Using oil paints to add depth and layers of pastel dripping down the canvas, the balanced landscape in this piece becomes a romantic scene with poetic innovation.


The silence and calm of the water, contrasting with the towering mountains above; the hazy light playing on reflections in the water, delicately nuanced to refrain from imposing too much on your perspective, is like a dream. To read this painting you must look into the stillness of its composition; the harsh lines that draw the eye to the center of the piece where 24k gold leaf was used to convey the depth of raw sunlight on the water. In making this piece I was constantly reminded of these words:


"You must stop your fingers from grabbing the water when the river, much like your fate, leads it's own way"


Painted using acrylic and gel mediums, 24k gold ink and oil pastels on Gallery Wrapped Canvas. 24x24 inches. Edges will be finshed prior to shipment.




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