"Between Earth and Sky"(2021)

"Between Earth and Sky"(2021)

Original Abstract Landscape Painting by Award Winning Artist Mariam Rajput

"Between Earth and Sky" was inspired by the intertwining colors and light found in the plush greens and cool blues of a landscape that is familiar, but at the same time new and undiscovered. Subtle tracks of gold are woven into rustic brown tones to emphasize the intimate link we have with nature and the grandiose portrayal of divine immensity. 


The spatial boundaries of water in this piece are inconvential and merge into the surrounding land and sky. The boundless density of the pond blends into the sky and becomes the universe, in it's scope immeasurable and defined exclusively by light. 

Painted using acrylic and gel mediums, 8x8 inches. 24k gold ink and oil pastels on canvas panel




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