Book of Miracles I&II [The Kitab Series] (2019) Two Limited Edition Prints

Book of Miracles I&II [The Kitab Series] (2019) Two Limited Edition Prints

'Book of Miracles' I & II

Created using the tools of the old masters, a compass, a ruler, hand crushed gouache and liberal amounts of pure gold leaf and ink. These paintings were a dedication to the art of Islamic Illumination dating back to the 13th and 14th century in the middle east. Each painting features motifs and details from islamic manuscripts. The two paintings are laid out in the form imitating the first pages of the Holy Quran.

To the right are the complete verses of 'Surah Fatiha' - "The Opener"

To the left are the first several verses of Surah Al-Baqarah "The Cow"

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  • What You Get

    This is a set of high resolution print of my Original Painting from my yearly collection. Gallery Style Prints are available in four sizes and you can frame them any way you'd like! Please note:


    - This is not a painting. It is a high quality print of the Original Work by Mariam Raj

    -Prints are full sized with no border around the edge.

    -Most orders ship within 3 business days however larger print orders take 5 days to print and pack.  


    This product comes in a set of 2 prints in the selected size. 


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