'Faj'r' (2019) || Set of TWO Fine Art Prints

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Limited Edition, High Quality Gallery Prints of Original Islamic painting by award winning artist Mariam Raj. 

'Faj'r' (2019)

Among layers of Creamy white paint and gel mediums, 24 k gold paint and silver leaf; I painted the 4 Qul. These four Surahs are:

Surah Al-Kafiroon
Surah Al-Ikhlas
Surah Al-Falaq 
Surah An-Nas

These are known as protecting powerful surahs. Surah Kaafiroon and Ikhlaas protects from shirk. Surah Ikhlaas is pure Tawheed and equal to 1/3rd of the Quran. Surahs falaq and naas protect from mischief of created things, envy, magic and the whisperings of the shaitaan. All the surahs start with the word ‘Qul’ which actually means ‘say’. Hence the four surahs are collectively called as ‘the four quls’. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) would get revelations from Allah which would start with the word ‘say’ and he would exactly repeat the revelations to people.

In the way that the four qul surahs were revealed to mankind as a protection, so the believers that pray Faj'r, when the rest of the world is fast asleep, safeguard their destiny in their trust in Allah. 

  • What You Get

    This is a high resolution print of my Original Painting. Gallery Style Prints are available in four sizes and you can frame them any way you'd like! Please note:


    - This is not a painting. It is a high quality print of the Original Work by Mariam Raj

    -Prints are full sized with no border around the edge.

    -Most orders ship within 3 business days however larger print orders take 5 days to print and pack.  


    This product comes in a set of 2 prints in the selected size. 


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