"Jabal Uhud" (2021)

"Jabal Uhud" (2021)

One of Six Exclusive Paintings from the Dark for Light Series


Mount Uhud is one of the most famous mountains in the Arabian Peninsula and among the greatest geographical and historical landmarks of the blessed city of Medina.

It is one of the mountains that the people of Medina frequently visit out of their sheer love for the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). According to a narration by Hadhrat Anas (may Allaah be pleased with him), the Prophet (peace be upon him) once said: “Uhud is a mountain that loves us and we love it.”


This painting is composed of the colors and textures foundin the natural beauty of Jabal Uhud. Tones of grey, gold, brown and silver delicately compose the structures of this piece, adding strength and distinguishing qualities to the features of this piece. The naming of Mount Uhud (which means ‘the one’ in Arabic) is unique. Its southern ranges witnessed the steadfastness, heroism and sacrifices of the Prophet’s companions; its blessed plains also witnessed the throes and injuries they sustained in one of the battles, known as the Battle of Uhud.



Created with oil paints and gel mediums, this painting consists of layers of genuine 22k Gold Leaf on textured canvas and Sterling Silver Leaf ink. Charcoal and watercolor mediums are also present under layers of gesso.





 24x36 inches with 2 inch thick, Gallery wrapped borders

Arrives pre-wired and ready to hang with a Certificate of Authenticity and relevant documents via First Class Air Mail





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