Naad E Ali

Naad E Ali

Full Naad E Ali hand painted on canvas. 

al-Anwar by Allamah Majlesi, vol.20 , page 72 – 73:

"Many people (from Muslim troops) at the battle of Uhud fled, but Imam Ali stood and resisted. Steadfastness of Imam Ali in that situation was wonderful. On that day, Archangel Gabriel (Jabrail), while ascending to the heavens, said: "There is no valiant warrior, but Ali and there is no sword but Zulfaqar (sword of Imam Ali)."

It is said that the holy Prophet (s) is called on that day to: Naad e Ali (meaning: Call Ali!) who is the manifestation of wonders. You shall find him a good assistant in difficult conditions! Any grief or difficulty shall be removed

by your guardianship, O Ali! O Ali! O Ali!

     Size pictured is 18x24. Need a different size or color? Message me for custom colors and sizes!

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