Light of the Quran {Original Painting by Mariam Rajput}

Light of the Quran (2018)

Written in 24k gold ink, the Arabic script reads: Say [Oh Muhammad SAW] : "If the sea were ink for the Words of my Lord, surely, the sea would be exhausted before the Words of my Lord would be finished, even if We brought like it for its aid.'' (18:109)

There are teachings in the Quran you cannot find anywhere else. It carries Beauty so eloquently weaved in Arabic that no matter which language it is translated to, spells out the message of peace and hope. I was 18 when I took a mandatory World Religions class in my first year of college and was told something immensely profound. My Religions professor said that any religion in the world can be taken out of context. When you want to prove a point, you can easily find a sentence in scripture or prayer that supports your opinion, be it negative or positive.

The meaning isn’t in the words written on paper, it’s in the connection you find with what’s being said. The purpose of words, in English or Arabic, are to incite understanding in your heart. What matters is the meaning behind what you’re reading, and if it brings even a glimmer of light in your life, keep reading. And if it challenges what you previously used to believe, keep reading. Because the message in the holy Quran is more than just words on paper, there is a luminance within it so bright that by the time your eyes adjust to the glow, the entire world looks different
An abstract perspective of the Kaaba in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, was painted as a subtle reminder of the many signs of Allah placed in this world for us to reach out to. This painting was created with layers of acrylic paint, gel mediums, 24 k gold leaf and sheets of sliver leaf (Which was purchased by myself in Multan Pakistan). The layers, colors and textures change within the lighting theyre placed. Pearlized paint catches new tones at every angle from which it is viewed and pure gold and silver leaf reflect all light they are touched with.
. This piece measures 30 (inches) X 40 (inches) {2.5 feet x 3.3 feet). Painted on stretched cotton canvas with wooden bases. This piece is not framed but framing can be completed upon request prior to shipment.
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    This painting will arrive packaged in a sealed box. Will be shipped with Gallery style Story Card and Certificate of Authenticity. 




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