"Love in the Age of Khadija" (2019)

"Love in the Age of Khadija" (2019)

Original Islamic Painting by Award Winning Artist Mariam Rajput

Inspired by the beauty Hadith and the Quran, this painting was my humble attempt at conveying the integrity, Love and perseverance in the life of Khadija (ra), the first beloved wife of prophet Muhammad s.a.w 

The blends of creamy gold and soft dusty grey signify the tumultuous trials faced by Hazrat Khadija and trails of rose gold leaf create waves of light, signifying the beauty of Islam as it touched her life and the lives of the first believers. The title, “Love in the Age of Khadija” does not allude to merely a romantic love, but to the great passions, integrity and beauty that filled the life of one of the first women who held steadfast to the belief of Allah and did not let go. 

The Arabic calligraphy reads:


“All Praise Be to God”

Created with layers of cream and grey paint, this painting is adorned with genuine 22k rose gold and silver leaf sourced from the hills of Kashmir in Pakistan. 

16x20 inches on Unstretched cotton canvas. Ships carefully rolled in a shipping tube. Free shipping worldwide 




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