'Promises in a Storm' (2020)

'Promises in a Storm' (2020)

'Promises in a Storm' was painted on a trip to my childhood home in New York. On summers we would settle into the shores in Long Island and nothing has truly inspired me more than the Atlantic. This depiction of the sea is the most unique one I've painted yet. A blend of the sky and all encompassing depth of blue, this painting was created from the perspective of being underwater. Slightly beneath the flow of air, too deep to touch the surface tension, but close enough to catch cascades of color as they flash across a sky filled with motion, color and light. The depth of blue abyss meets the brightness of light as the two elements melt into one another, close enough to be a sanctuary. A promise in it's own right. 


Created with oil paints and gel mediums, this painting consists of layers of genuine 22k Gold

Leaf on textured canvas and Sterling Silver Leaf ink. Charcoal and watercolor mediums are also present under layers of gesso.





16x20 inches with 2 inch thick, Gallery wrapped borders

Arrives pre-wired and ready to hang with a Certificate of Authenticity and relevant documents via First Class Air Mail





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