Radiance Of Gratitude (2017)

Radiance Of Gratitude (2017)



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Radiance of Gratitude
2017 Collection
This powerful ayaat from Surah Ibrahim reads "If you are grateful I will surely give you more" -The Noble Quran. It was inspired by the never ending guidance of Prophet Muhammad pbuh. It is written that the prophet said : 'There are four qualities, whoever is given them has surely been given the best in this world and the next.
🔸A grateful heart.
🔸A tongue ever in remembrance of Allah swt
🔸An enduring body to withstand the trials sent down by Allah swt
🔸and A faithful wife
This painting was my humble attempt to covey my gratefulness and depict a form of art used for centuries to beautify the name of Allah. My working progress on this piece was truly a labor of love, inspired by the delicate art of illumination and Persian Islamic art. Each motif and detail is an original sketch.
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    Original painting created in the style of persian islamic art and illumination. 18x24 on stretched cotton canvas with wooden bases. Each motif is an original sketch. Have a custom order? Message me for inquiries!



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