"Risalo" (2020)

"Risalo" (2020)

The word Risalo comes from the Sindhi language and means "a story" or "an anthology". I chose this name for the deeper meaning associated with the calligraphy written over bold hues of blue pigments. The true summation of where we find ourselves at the end of our lives. 


Written in pure burnished Silver Leaf ink are the words:


حَسْبِيَ اللَّهُ


"Sufficient for me is Allah"


This prayer is the epitome of trusting in Allah. This prayer tells our own heart, tells the shaytan, and tells the world that whatever might happen, Allah is enough for us. 

No matter what we may be going through, we overcome adversity through the grace of Allah's plan. He is sufficient in providing us with all that we seek. All we need to do is trust.



Created with oil paints and gel mediums on textured canvas and silver

Leaf. Charcoal and watercolor mediums are also present under layers of gesso.




11x14 canvas in a 16x20 inch gold leaf frame. Arrives as pictured

Arrives pre-wired and ready to hang with a Certificate of Authenticity and relevant documents via First Class Air Mail





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