"Rosewater" (2021)

"Rosewater" (2021)

Original Abstract Painting by Award Winning Artist Mariam Rajput

At first glance, whats depicted is a landscape, perhaps a seascape or a large body of water, upon closer inspection this piece is my ode to poetry and light. The colors used here were carefully chosen; while light plays on different angles of the land and sea, the sky is no brighter than the sun. If you turn this painting to black and white, youll notice that the contrast blends into the scene in the same way as the colors do. This is because of the way the human eye perceives light and color. 


"Rosewater" was painted with the intent to create a path towards memories; the blend of land and sky alludes to the impact this piece has on the way we see the world. Bright colors blended softly together are meant to inspire, but they also incite the art of seeing. Certainty becomes conjecture, and enigma and mystery opens up a world of illusion and the infiniteness of dreams. 


Painted using acrylic and gel mediums, 24k gold ink and oil pastels on Gallery Wrapped Canvas. 20x20 inches. Edges will be finshed prior to shipment.




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