"Searching for Spring" (2021)

"Searching for Spring" (2021)

Original Abstract Painting by Award Winning Artist Mariam Rajput

"Searching for Spring" was painted from the perspective of looking out into a vast and endless landscape waiting to be discovered. I created this piece to delve into the way light plays into the movement of the lush greenery it touches. Sunlight filtering through a field of Buttercups and Poppies creates a composition of movement that is both familiar but vague and distant. 


A mixture of different art mediums were used to create a strong fabric of color and texture that weaves itself throughout the piece; soft runs of green and brown throughout the painting melt into harsher strokes of warm reds to create a romantic element in the overall patterns of light and color.


Painted using acrylic and gel mediums, 24k gold ink and oil pastels on Gallery Wrapped Canvas. 20x20 in. Edges will be finshed prior to shipment.




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