"Whirling Darwish" (2019)

"Whirling Darwish" (2019)

Original Islamic Artwork by Award Winning Artist Mariam Rajput

While whirling, the dervish’s arms are open with his right hand directed to the sky, representing his readiness to receive God’s beneficence. The dervish’s left hand is turning toward the earth, representing his willingness to convey God’s spiritual gift to those witnessing the Sema. It is also believed that while revolving from right to left around his own heart, the dervish embraces all humanity with love, since Sufis believe that the human being was created with love in order to love. A quote by Rumi states that, ‘All loves are a bridge to Divine love. Yet, those who have not had a taste of it do not know.’

Acrylic and gel mediums on 16x20 inch unstretched canvas with genuine 22k gold leaf sourced from Kashmir Pakistan. 

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