'The Sea And it's Pearls'

The Final Collection Release of 2020


Previous Collections

Each year Mariam releases her annual collection and 1-2 series of Original Paintings;
A total of 12-15 Paintings per year.
Her last Collection sold out within minutes of release and her newest series
has a waitlist exceeding 6,000 Art Collectors worldwide. Scroll down to peruse galleries
of Mariam's previously released works.


The Kitab Series

An Encounter with the Arts of the Islamic World

The Kitab Series;
A Solo Exhibition by
Artist Mariam Rajput

The Kitab Series features conceptual paintings inspired by Islamic Manuscripts and an era of Persian Illumination dating back to the 13th and 14th century in the Middle East. Each painting has been meticulously planned, hand sketched and drenched in 24k Gold, Walnut ink and gouache. Rajput’s work was created in the ways of the old masters, using a compass and a ruler to set the foreground for paintings rich in details and design.

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